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In order for today’s farmer to have the greatest success in  marketing, we feel he should share the burden of risk management with outside expertise.

The CPC team consists of a group of seasoned professionals with expertise in cash grain merchandising, futures and options trading, ag education, crop insurance, and overall risk

management experience.


This is an opportunity to work directly with an experienced professional on a ONE ON ONE basis, and at affordable rates due to the extremely low overhead with which

we operate. 

Clayton Pope
  • Head Risk Manager (for Corn exposure) for the highly successful Cargill "CAMS" farm consulting program. Was in charge of CAMS corn marketing and trading recommendations, as well as author of most CAMS corn communications. 


  • Manager Director of AgriVisor (risk management consulting arm of Illinois Farm Bureau and GROWMARK)


  • Traded on the floor of the primary Chicago commodity exchanges, including the CBOT corn pit


  • Many years of experience as owner of a successful commodity brokerage and consulting firm


  • Spent early years in the grain industry teaching and helping grain elevators hedge their risks


  • Schooled, trained and experienced as a CPA (Certified Public Accountant)


CPC Team

Robert Buckles

based in Charlotte, North Carolina




  • 20+ years of experience as cotton merchant with Cargill Cotton


  • Years of cash grain risk management experience


  • Strong focus on breakeven analysis


  • Licensed and active commodity broker


  • Licensed and active crop insurance agent


  • BS in Psychology from Harding University

Lynn Campbell

based in west central Indiana




  • Grew up in grain farm environment in NW Minnesota


  • 10 years of cash grain risk management experience


  • Strong focus on grower relationships and working as trusted farm advisor and educator


  • Licensed and active commodity broker


  • BS in Ag Education and Animal Science from University of Wisconsin and Master’s Degree work at University of Arizona in Organizational & Leadership development


  • Extremely active in FFA and Indiana Ag Leadership programs  

Jamie Christensen

based in Sioux City, Iowa




  • 20+ years of experience in cash grain risk management and trading experience


  • Years of experience in advising and merchandising for large commercial grain processing facilities


  • Strong focus on breakeven analysis and financial modeling


  • Licensed and active commodity broker



  • BS in Business Finance and MBA

Kayla Roy

Based in east central Illinois




  • Over 6 years of experience in cash grain merchandising and the seed industry


  • Strong focus on details and communicating with clients


  • Licensed and active commodity broker


  • Recipient of numerous performance awards from previous large agribusiness employers


  • Authored publication on “Analysis of Risk Management Tools Utilized by Farmers”


  • BS in Agribusiness Economics from Southern Illinois University and Masters in Agribusiness from Illinois State University

Logan Pic.jpg

Taylor Pope

Based in St. Louis, MO



  • 13+ years of Business Development and Customer Service


  • Strong focus on communication and customer management


  • Licensed and active commodity broker

  • Proven Business Leader with heavy experience in maximizing customer value


  • Bachelors Degree from Purdue University



Kurt Simmons

Based in Champaign, IL

  • 20 years experience in crop protection/ fertilizer sales and cash grain marketing/ risk management.


  • Licensed and active commodity broker.


  • Technical services official with Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League


Gregg Lamb

Based in Hermann, MO

  • 30+ years of Cooperative Ag Supply and Grain experience in IL & MO


  • Experience as Grain Manager responsible for company's grain plan, hedging, basis trading and assisting customers with their grain marketing plans

  • Strong focus in providing solutions that have improved customer's bottom line


  • BS Agronomy/AG Business from University of Missouri - Columbia


Logan Hartwig

Based in Memphis, TN




  • Grew up on a Rice and Soybean farm in NE Arkansas

  • 10 years of cash grain experience

  • Strong Focus on breakeven analysis

  • Licensed and active commodity broker

  • Licensed and active crop insurance agent

  • BS in Agricultural Business from Arkansas State University


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