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Our Expertise

Because most farmers’ time is so valuable,
we know there is a need for precise and relevant information.
At CPC, we pride ourselves on our ability to sort through the mountains of information and data and present to our clients a summary of the most critical news and events, and to provide an ongoing analysis of how this information should affect your approach to risk management.
Flat Price Risk

The most obvious risk today’s producer faces. Dealing with it effectively requires an ongoing consideration of the risks vs rewards of the alternatives you are faced with—and knowing

the best tool for the situation, part of our expertise at CPC.


Monitoring and capitalizing on changes in basis and spreads is an often overlooked profit center for today’s farmer. This is an area that is extremely important to your bottom line and all too often not even considered. 

Futures & Options Trading

While clearly not for everybody, this is a very valuable tool that we feel should be in everybody’s tool box. When handled properly, using this as part of your risk management adds flexibility and takes you away from the “one bullet Barney Fife approach”. All of our offices are NFA approved Introducing Brokers. 

Crop Insurance
Project Analysis

Whether it is a detailed break even analysis, determining the most advantageous planting mix,  or an evaluation of the cost/value of storage, we have the tools to help make educated decisions for your operation.

Some of our offices offer crop insurance, but we are all very much in tune with how to blend your crop insurance coverage with your overall risk management in order to provide maximum return on the dollars spent. 





Communication Options

This is critical in our relationship, and through the use of personal meetings, phone calls, e-mails, daily telephone “voice blasts”, and text messages, we are focused on keeping you informed. 



Basic daily and weekly newsletter e-mail

Voice Blasts:


Daily “voice blast”

recordings (delivered to

your cell phone) providing quick summaries of daily action and breaking news.



A comprehensive overall approach including an ongoing analysis of your particular operation, unlimited phone consulting, and periodic face to face meetings.

All Inclusive



Several market briefs delivered via text. Plus customizable price updates.

CPC offers a variety of communication outlets to keep you abreast of market developements. We feel the all inclusive package proves to be the most valuable.





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